Startup Success: BeautyHooked Has Raised $280k in Seed Round (Pvt.) Ltd, is a startup currently accelerated at PlanX. Their website has revolutionized and disrupted the whole process of experiencing beauty services in Pakistan. It acts as a liaison between customers and the Beauty businesses, allowing them to search for the Best Salons and Spas, view their prices and make the booking online 24/7 without any hassle. It also provides creative content allowing users to look and feel great and beauty businesses to promote their services better.

Within a year BeautyHooked have gone through leaps and bounds and has successfully raised $280k from a seed round, led by Fatima Ventures, directed by its CEO, Ali Mukhtar, and joins the ranks as now being Pakistan’s first female founded, female led, funded startup to ever raise funding in the country.

Mukhtar believes that “…BeautyHooked has tremendous potential given the market size and trends. The dedicated team led by Sahr, is positioned well to venture into future avenues of beauty services”. Fatima Ventures has previously invested in the startup, Interacta and is actively engaged with other startups to make investments for successful execution of their ideas 

On news of the investment Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) said: “The entrepreneurial eco-system will certainly benefit from more co-founders such as BeautyHooked. It’s very encouraging to see female entrepreneurs doing so well in Pakistan and goes to show that the potential is here, we just need to capitalize on it.” Hafsa Shorish, Director MITEF and PlanX also shared her sentiments, stating that; “I’m thrilled to see the ladies come so far in a short space of time at PlanX. This is what we want to see more of in our accelerator and I hope that this will have a ripple effect in our eco-system”.

Within a year’s time BeautyHooked has been involved in several competitions like Startup Weekend Lahore 2015, and was invited for and incubated at LCE (LUMS Centre of Entrepreneurship). BeautyHooked was also one of the 8 promising startups from Pakistan to be identified and invited by big leaguers like Google Singapore to explore expansion opportunities in Asia. The founder, Sahr Said, has been named as one of the “4 Promising Female Tech entrepreneurs from Pakistan” by TechInAsia, and the company has been branded as one of the “5 creative startups from LUMS” by Head Marcher.

The company has already been gaining extreme traction locally, generating significant revenues, gaining significant momentum, and is getting franchise calls from international players to expand the technology and brand globally.

Recently, the company has closed a deal to expand the brand and technology to Qatar (details of the deal are undisclosed as yet).

The BeautyHooked team comprises 3 co-founders, with CEO Sahr Said, CTO Abdullah Ahmed and the Head of Operations, Sidra Talha. Sahr, is a Cornell graduate, coming from one of the most competitive business schools in the world, she came back to Pakistan because she saw a lot of potential here and genuinely felt the need to contribute to the eco-system in Pakistan. On the success of their investment, Sahr said; “Our seed round of funding brings with it endless opportunities to scale the company fast and disrupt the beauty industry. We plan on rolling out nationally and are in late stage talks with various international players to franchise our technology and brand to other countries. The seed round will give us the runway we need to make our dream a reality of building a truly global Pakistan based beauty-tech company, and putting Pakistani startups, women, and technology on the internet map.”