AKU organizes Pakistan's first medical Hackathon


The Agha Khan University successfully conducted Pakistan’s first-ever medical hackathon at its Karachi campus. Hosted by Critical Creative Innovative Thinking (CCIT) forum, the hackathon worked on finding innovative solutions to the challenges faced in emergency rooms and attracted many experts from the field of medical sciences. 

80 participants with diverse backgrounds in medicine, information technology, business and engineering worked together to come up with ideas to improve patient safety, reduce treatment time and increase physicians’ productivity. Participants were assisted by 20 mentors with entrepreneurial backgrounds over the three day event and pitched their ideas in front of a panel of judges who scored them on the basis of health impact, innovation, business model, and presentation skills.

A number of local and international experts delivered engaging speeches to help guide and inspire the teams. The speakers included Firoz Rasul, AKU President, Dr Farhat Abbas, Dean of the Medical College at AKU, and Hans Kedzierski, AKUH CEO.

Team HistorER won the medical hackathon with their solution to save time in ER by using electronic technology. They suggested cards featuring QR code to record medical history of a patient which would provide doctors with information and the ability to initiate treatment upon scanning. The runner ups JackED developed a prototype ER gown to boost the accuracy of ECGs.

 According to Agha Khan University Hospital CEO Hans Kedzierski, “Hackathons are one of the most vibrant ways to create innovative solutions.” AKU Hackathon proved to be beneficial in coming up with new ideas and for a country like Pakistan, such events are of the utmost importance.