MITEFP hosts concept artist and illustrator Omar Gilani for a talk on Art, Technology and The Future

MIT Enterprise Forum Pakistan (MITEFP) in collaboration with Information Technology University (ITU) hosted renowned concept artist and digital illustrator Omar Gilani for a talk on Art, Technology and The Future on Wednesday 17th October 2018 at ITU.


Omar Gilani is a concept artist, Illustrator, and designer from Peshawar, Pakistan. He was originally trained as an Engineer with a MSc degree in Mechanical Design and an MPhil in Robotics. Omar was also pursuing a PhD in Robotics but dropped out of the program and returned to Pakistan to build a career in visual design and digital art. Omar's work highlights art and technology particularly science fiction.


These days, Omar is touring Pakistan and showcasing his digital art work in a series of exhibitions titled Pakistan+. The exhibitions reflect the amalgamation of the rich culture of Pakistan and its future based on science fiction models.


While giving the talk which was attended by over 75 attendees, Omar said that he was trained as an engineer, therefore, it was easy for him to experiment art work with technology. This experimentation model enabled him to mix the old with the new.


Omar also stated that nowadays Pakistan is suffering from an image deficit and science fiction is a perfect medium for storytelling and for uplifting the image of Pakistan globally and moreover, it has a great potential to bridge the gap between past, present and future. He further added that technology has developed its own unique place within Pakistan’s diverse cultural landscape. This has increased its overall potential and this also shows that technology can be used not just for the future but it can also highlight the present and the past.


The 20 minutes talk was concluded by a Q and A session. The talk was arranged by MIT Enterprise Forum Pakistan (MITEFP). Chaired by Dr.Umar Saif, MITEFP is one of the 28 worldwide chapters of MITEF that aims to engage stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem through innovation and technology. MITEFP is dedicated towards stimulating growth of Pakistani entrepreneurs, startups and businesses.