Startup Lahore

How to Startup

Running a startup is not easy. Even with hard work and dedication, lack of knowledge and resources can hinder a young startup from realizing its full potential. Studies show that while 60 percent new business ventures are able to survive in the first year, hardly 10 percent are able to sustain in the next ten years. This lack of sustainability is mainly due to the lack of knowledge and the inability to respond to consumer preferences, market demands and technological changes.

To help young entrepreneurs overcome these problems, MIT Enterprise Forum Pakistan has launched Startup School, a six-week long training program. This program is envisioned to provide startups with resources and tools to better complement their startup needs. Through a blend of online and offline learning best suited to Pakistan-based startups, it will equip startups with the necessary tools to help them become better entrepreneurs.

From team building to communication skills, business strategies to marketing tools, our trainers will bring insights from their industry experience to ensure startups make the most of this rigorous program.

Along with benefitting the young entrepreneurial community, the Startup School will act as a trigger inspiring others to take entrepreneurship as a career and counter issues like unemployment.